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Email Problem: Please Read!

If you sent an email to us prior to Oct. 21, 2006, please read this! The company that had been hosting emails for the G.C. Murphy Book Project recently decided that the account was inactive, and deleted the contents. Click here for more information.

Former Employees Wanted

We are still accepting stories and other items from G.C. Murphy Co. employees and customers. Even if they don’t make it into the book, your stories and memories will be preserved at the McKeesport Heritage Center, which is the official repository for G.C. Murphy corporate records and many official documents from other organizations.

There is also the possibility that we will reprint some of the stories on the Internet or in a future, follow-up book or other publication. Nothing is going to waste!

Every contribution has been enjoyable and useful, and by preserving your Murphy story or memento, you’ll be rekindling many pleasant memories for years to come!

Please mail questionnaires to:

Jason Togyer
Attn: G.C. Murphy Book
P.O. Box 94
McKeesport, PA 15134

Former Customers: Have a Murphy’s Story?

Are you a customer who shopped at a G.C. Murphy Co. variety store, Murphy’s Marts, or a Morgan & Lindsey variety store prior to 1985? Maybe one of those stores was the place you bought a hula hoop in the 1950s—or your first “home computer” in the 1980s? Perhaps one of “Murphy’s Music Boxes” was the first place you heard rock ‘n’ roll?

Maybe something funny, unusual or important happened at your local Murphy’s store? Was a Murphy’s lunchcounter a “teenage hangout” in your town?

We’d like to hear from you. Please write or email us. We’ll accept photos — but please provide the names of people in the photos along with dates, locations, events, etc. Make sure to attach a note to the photo including your name and address if you want the photo to be returned!

Write to:

Jason Togyer
Attn: G.C. Murphy Book
P.O. Box 94
McKeesport, PA 15134

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